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I walk in to docbraces at first I was a bite scared because I thought I would have to get a tooth pulled but I thuoght it would not hurt later I played nhl2k10 I played Detroit vs pittsburg and about 5 minutes in the first I herd my name and went with the doctor when I got in the doctors room she told me that we where going to take a pictures of my teeth but someone else was in the room be for us so we came back to the room and she explained about docbraces later gator club and after she explained it we went to take a pictures of my teeth and after she did she gave me a word search to do while she was getting the other doctor the other doctor checked out my teeth and said stuff like you will need 1 tooth pulled and a spacer and we looked at the pictures

of my teeth it turns out I have a bite of blank but that ok all just brush better and then the doctor let me play plankoo I won a poper and that was my trip to the orthadonist

Before I came to Docbraces I was very shy of my smile. I disliked smiling at all but now that I am with them and I have my braces on, I feel as if I can smile happily with no care. The staff are also very friendly and the environment presented is very kind and warm to the heart.

The people at Doc Braces are great and very helpful. I got my braces today and I felt very comfortable. Looking forward to seeing how my teeth will look when I get the braces off. Thanks Doc Braces

Doc braces is amazing! They are wonderful