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I was nervous about getting braces, but the staff at doc braces was friendly & answered all the questions I had. This helped ease the nervousness & make getting braces a pleasant experience. Thank you so much to the staff at doc braces :)

I freakin love docbraces! everyone is so nice!

there consultations are wonderful and there staff is very nice, always are smiling witch can help when your getting your braces on and don't forget they are very gentle.

Hello people of the world,Docbraces is AWESOME!!! I had my braces on since January and my teeth were so ugly before I got them on and now there great and straight I am AMAZED. The workers are so nice they are WONDERFUL!!! Doctor Mcmanaman is great he is so nice. Some times he comes to check on your teeth when your there for your appointments. When I was there to see if i needed braces they were checking me teeth and speaking in funny dentist sayings and they told me to look at my teeth on the screen and I really really needed braces and then they told me and my mom how they do there job and that you can pick out the colors of your braces,and they also said that they have no needles and they told me if refer one of my friends or family members about Docbraces and they need braces and they go and tell the girls at they desk that I told them about the place I would get a 100 dollar bill.When you go to Docbraces in the waiting room there is computers to go on there is games and there is coffee and hot chocolate and there is a spot were you can clean your teeth they have fun contest. So go to docbrases you will not regret it!!!

From an almost straight toothed girl!!! Mac Rushton